The Updated Version of the VW Van

EuroVans are the updated version of the traditional Volkswagen Van. They were
manufactured from 1993 to 2003. EuroVans have the same comforts as a more modern
vehicle, making them ideal for longer days on the road as well as ideal camping and touring machines!

The EuroVans

  • All vans go through a safety inspection before each rental. This ensures that the EuroVans are in top running condition when you pick up
  • For seating comfort while driving both seats are captain’s chairs with adjustable armrests. Also both seats swivel 360 degrees so you can enjoy what’s happening in the galley area of the van when stopped
  • All EuroVans have in dash air conditioning, power windows, and power door locks
    Pop-up roof gives you a floor to ceiling height of 2.1m, canvas side walls with screened windows on three sides
  • Pop-up roof sleeps 2 people ( bed size is 1.88m x 1.09m – max weight 181 kg )
    Rear bench seat converts to a bed to sleep 2 people (same bed size as the pop-up roof)
  • All galley windows have room darkening pleated blinds for complete privacy. The cab area has a full wrap around privacy curtain. Kitchenette window and passenger side rear seat window are both screened. There is a screened tip-out roof vent in the pop-up roof for the warmer nights
  • Lots for storage with a wardrobe closet with sliding door access, storage behind and under the rear bench, netted storage pockets in rear hatch area, roof-top luggage carrier with tie-down bars
  • The galley has a two-burner LP stove, fridge, furnace, stainless steel sink with faucet and counter top as well as two multi-adjustable dining tables
    A/C to D/C power converter with a coach deep cycle battery. Two 110 volt outlets and two 12 volt outlets. LED monitor panel for water tanks, LP gas and coach battery
  • Cold water sprayer at rear hatch to quickly fill outdoor camping equipment or washing off sandy feet from the beach
  • Outdoor awning that is attached to the EuroVan

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