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Highschool Halloween

Somewhere around high school, it becomes inappropriate to trick-or-treat. The adults look at you with disgust and shake their heads. If they do give you candy, it's one piece. Usually something cheap that barely counts as candy, like a dum-dum lollipop. And they always ask how old you are. No more free candy.

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But the costumes don't stop. So, without the free candy, what is so fun about dressing up at Halloween?

Adult costumes usually fall into one of three categories: Scary, Sexy, or Super-creative.


The scary costumes are the traditional Halloween fare: vampires, ghosts, goblins, witches, mummies, and serial killers. The goal is to actually scare people. Being avoided at a party means you have met your goal.


These are the obvious ones: French maids, nurses, and scary creatures in short skirts and cleavage bearing shirts. These costumes aren't really about dressing up, they are an excuse to undress. Its the one time you can show as much skin as possible and not be called a slut.


When you see someone dressed-up and you say, I wish I'd thought of that! you are witnessing the super-creative. Some are takes on traditional-scary, others are more of a cultural statement, and then there are the group costumes. I once saw the whole cast of Family Guy , including the chicken with the tire marks on his back.

Thumbs went up all over the party.

What do all these costumes have in common?

Its the same thing as the little girl dressed as Princess Jasmine and the boy in the Spiderman costume. Everybody wants to experience being someone else, at least for a day. We want their super powers, their magic, or at least their tiara. We love the way people look at us as if we really are that special.

In a way, it makes us free. We can be brave, funny, out-going, or even sexy. Because it is not really us, it's the costume.

It turns out, it's not about the candy after all.

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