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Lolinia Unwraps 12 Days of Indie: A Review

I was actually having more fun than I ever thought I could watching others play games. After all, I'd much rather play the game myself than watch others play Or so I thought. The very next day, I was in for the surprise of my life.

Not the SURPRISE You Thought

I won a game! Well, that wasn't the surprise of my life that I mentioned in the paragraph above, but how could I forget about ClockwerkKaiser's FORCED stream gameplay. Oh, he was so delightful and friendly. I found myself rooting for his success greatly, even thought it was so early in the morning for me. I didn't even know why I was up on twitch that early; I really didn't. However, after winning a copy of FORCED , I went to try it out for a bit before getting ready for an exam later that morning. When I came home, that's when I got the aforementioned 'surprise of my life'.

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Indie: DatBeard

That intro. The gameplay. The fan interaction! THAT BEARD, OH GOD THAT GLORIOUS BEARD!!!

Needless to say, I fell into a fanboy area when it came to Indie's stream. In fact, I'm ending this paragraph before this entire article ends up derailing into a fanboy hotpot of stuff all about Indie.

Creating Something Bigger

*cough* Anyway, I came to the stream much more often after that little shameful display of fanboying over Indie in the chat that day. I loved hearing how the goal was being reached ever so much more than the day before and felt a bit of anguish when it was not growing so much. I was even able to make my own donation! It felt awesome.

Eventually, we got a two thousand dollar donation that caused Beetlebear to get a mohawk, Ambushed to shave both of her eyebrows, and myself to create that song I linked below in this article. Because of that donation and my song, or so I believe, the Ambushed Gamer Network was virtually solidified as a thing. I was not a member, at the time, but it was nice to see that there would be more of some of these people in the future. I continued to come back for the people in chat and to see more of the streamers. Every time he streamed, Liquescent would ask about who was our favorite streamer of that day and would be an awesome end to the day.

Most days, I started with Indie, watched Ambushed, then watched Cappy, and ended with Liquescent; however, Innuendo Squad and 033 and even Zapaman we're all wonderful to watch. By the end of the 12 Days, we had surpassed our original goal by over two thousand dollars.

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