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Disney's Hidden Christmas: The Resorts

Most Guests to Walt Disney World don't take advantage of some of the most elegant and spectacular decorations in the entire WDW complex: the designs at the various resorts. Although all of the resorts have some holiday fair to spice things up during December, there are a few real stand-outs:

Grand Floridian Elegant any day, it is gorgeous during the holidays.

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One of it's main features in the six-story atrium is a large hand-crafted gingerbread house, large enough to actually use as a place to sell gingerbread "shingles." The grounds are just beautiful and someone could spend quite a bit of time just roaming the place.

Wilderness Lodge Just the rustic setting with Christmas added is romantic and very earthy. You can even rent a sleigh ride through the area.

The Yacht, Beach and Boardwalk Resorts- Some spectacular displays are found within these Boardwalk resorts, including a large candy roller coaster.

Dolphin and Swan Activities are held throughout the week with an emphasis on entertaining kids. From Santa's Workshop and cookie decorating to meeting Santa or having s'mores on the beach, the holidays are celebrated to the fullest here.

We make a point of exploring the resorts when we come; Disney's way of making Guests feel at home even while on vacation is evident everywhere, but especially during the Christmas season. Take a bus from one of the parks to a resort, or from Downtown Disney.

Final Thoughts

Like everything at Walt Disney World, planning is paramount. Do your homework before you go on vacation; make your dining reservations 180 days in advance. Ask for a planning DVD from Disney and pick up a good guidebook. Realize you're not going to see everything in one trip and just go and relaxhave a magical time.

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