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Why should you care about Puget Sound?

This is the question that I ask myself everyday of late. A question that I did not fully respect until I came out of the water and saw how disconnected we are all from the natural world that we live in. One that I thought, because I dove and I spent so much time on the beach that everyone shared. It turns out most don't have a clue, not on purpose I believe. I think that most of us are so disconnected because of what we do daily. What we need to do for our daily survival in our consumer society.

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Most divers are asked when exiting the beach, "Is there anything to see down there?" or "What we're you looking for?" Both of these are good questions but they only show how more disconnected most people are. I am a little better off only because I had questions and wanted so badly to know what goes on underwater. Now I feel I know quite a bit more than I did, but so much more to learn. That here is what this website and blog is all about. I want to add to what is known and to share some of my experiences diving in Puget Sound and the Salish Sea. Mostly mine are local from Myrtle Edwards and Alki, with a few from Edmonds and other places. Even Hawaii and Baja Mexico are will be in here, but I prefer the cold dark waters of Puget Sound.

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