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It was just an ordinary day in Miami Beach...

It was just an ordinary day in Miami Beach and Hillary and I we're deciding what to do for the evening. The best times are when you don't plan anything, because they seem to be the craziest nights. I got a call from my longtime friend, Mike, and he said he happened to be in town with a bachelor party. I was so excited because I hadn't seen Mike in well over a year. As with most things in my life, luck was on my side because his friends we're staying at the Marriott a couple blocks from my house. Hooray! Fifteen out-of-town boys in town for a bachelor party made our success rate of having a good Friday evening right around 99 percent.

Hillary and I are a lot alike. We don't plan and we really just like to go with the flow. We met them for a quick drink at China Grille then headed back to the Marriott to hop on the bus that was taking us all to Tootsies Cabaret. Yes, we we're headed to a strip club. I am almost embarrassed to write this because I know that my parents read this blog to keep informed on how their angelic daughter spends her time. But, I'll be honest, I've done a whole lot worse.

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We walked in and found an area that could accommodate the group. Some of the guys were more into it than others, but Mike was a true gentleman and stayed by our side the entire time. At one point, we got hungry. This was going to be a problem.

The thought of eating at a strip club was not the most appealing idea I have ever had, so ordering French fries wasn't an easy decision. I was careful about touching anything and I sure didn't want to eat something from a place full of naked bodies. Hunger took over and Hillary, Mike and I gave in and ordered a round of fries.

I bet by this point, you are about as excited as if you we're reading a climactic conclusion to some wild action book. Did they actually eat the fries, or did they chicken out? Well, we did it. We ate the fries. And are you ready for this? They we're good. They we're crispy, salty, yummy not fresh cut or anything out of the ordinary, but they we're quite tasty. Our waitress told us that most people are surprised at how good the food is at Tootsies. I guess they hired a new chef and upgraded their food selection. So, although I will not be back anytime soon, I will say that the fries we're yummy.

I have had a pretty crazy life and sometimes, like most people, I think my life would make a great movie. However, one of the guys in the bachelor party had a Hollywood experience I think he wishes he could have avoided. If you remember the scene in Superbad where Seth dances with that girl at a party and gets a nasty little stain on his pants, then you might see where this story is going. As we got on the bus that was headed back to the beach, there was a little commotion as one of members of the bachelor party had a funny stain on his pants. Gross.

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