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Pin trading is a type of activity where mutually agreeable people exchange trading pins. This is usually performed face-to face in a game or before the opening of a major event. Many pin collectors gather in such events such as Olympic Games and similar occasion to swap pins.

What are Trading Pins?

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Trading pins are cloisonn soft enamel pins die struck from a 1.2 mm thick metal base. Liquid enamel paint is injected into the recessed pins to colorize the pins which are the baked to high temperatures. After this, an epoxy coating is applied to protect the pins against scratches and give a stunning appearance.

Who are Pin Traders?

Pin traders can vary from young children to senior citizens, novice to more experienced everybody can collect pins. For first time pin traders, negotiating for another pin can be challenging. But a learner can slowly acquire the skill and get caught up in the excitement of pin trading. For serious pin collectors pin trading at big events like Olympics is a more fun and memorable experience.

Pin trading offers a great way to meet new people and start conversation. Pin traders around the world gather in such big events and often learn to interact with others without words by checking out the pins fixed on anothers shirt, hat or scarf. They smile and shake hands once the trade is accepted. This is a common scenario in most pin trading ceremonies. One gets to trade pins with another who does not even speak their own language.

How do you Know What to Trade?

This is a difficult question. There are innumerable designs of pins that you can swap. For instance, if you go to watch a baseball game, it is evident pin collectors gathered there will exchange custom baseball pins with one another. The same is true for all other sports and events.

How to Begin

The first step in pin trading is you need to set your own limits. Start exchanging pins on a particular theme and then trade pins based on that theme. You may have to buy some pins to begin pin trading. However, it is not necessary to buy expensive pins or pins high in value. At Olympics games, there are many pin collectors who have inexpensive pins to swap. Once, you have pins to trade, you must learn the way to trade.

How to Trade Pins?

Trading pins is fun and easy. Pin trading is a great way to meet new people and start conversation. People who want to trade pins have their pins placed in shirts, hat or scarf. If you want to look at their pins, approach them politely to view the pins. If you have problem seeing it, never touch the garments, instead ask the person to bring the pins closer for better look. If you choose a particular pin from their outfit, they have also the right to select a pin equivalent to your pin.If both the parties are happy with the trade, exchange the pins hand to hand. Following the exchange, always thank the other collector for trading the pin.

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