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In stock format most RC cars and trucks require a lot of room to turn around in due to the weaker and slower servo's included in the RTR's. The Baja 5B SS offers the metal geared steering servo which is an improvement over the RTR plastic geared version of the servo. While these servo's will get the job done, if you want to get serious about the performance of your Baja 5B the new GBE Pro Mount servo adapter is meant to deliver exceptional steering capabilities. The JR8711 brushless servo was selected because it offered over 400 oz. of torque to push the wheels with. This equals 25 pounds of torque which is 4 pounds more than the car weighs which will deliver the performance you need for bashing or racing applications. The car will handle much better.

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Would you like a warranty with that servo?

Another great reason the JR8711 brushless servo was selected was due in part to the 3 year warranty they offer the consumer. At Gabe Brown Engineering we pride ourselves on great customer satisfaction and service and felt that JR's three year warranty fit in with our own customer care policies. The servo also includes a heat sink to help keep it cool under hard conditions like the race track. With 5th scale RC racing starting to gain ground the need for a better performing steering servo is a welcome upgrade.

The GBE Pro Mount is an easy bolt on component.

Like all our products the new GBE Pro Mount is an easy to bolt on component kit. When combined with the JR8711 brushless servo the GBE Pro Mount helps produce a more stable attitude from the car increasing handling and performance. When you're serious about the performance of your HPI Baja 5B, get the new GBE Pro Mount and pick up a JR8711 servo. Driving around your competition just got a lot easier.

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