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What the new year holds in store for you.

Although the shop will be closed our GBE RC race team will be at the track this Saturday provided it doesn't rain and we hope to see you there. We will be attending the Saturday race series as much as possible as we believe in this hobby and wish to see it grow here in the U.S.A.. We are looking forward to adding the HotBox RC race track to the series catering to the 5th scale off-road RC model cars and trucks. The baja 5b's are ripe for tuning for the off-road series along with the FG and other 5th and 6th scale models so you can be sure that Gabe Brown Engineering will be doing some serious testing on these other models to bring you the best performance possible from them.

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What the new year holds in store for you.

Gabe Brown has discussed with his staff some of his plans for next year and it is very exciting to hear what we will be offering you and the hobby of large scale rc models. We specialize in CNC billet aluminum parts and high performance easy to bolt on upgrades for your RC model car which are tested and proven before we offer them to you. We know that every part we make for you will be of the highest quality and fit. We know you will feel the performance from our expertise with CAD design and CAM programming. We have and offer you the years of racing experience for your RC model car and the day comes and you take the checkered flag, our products will be there.

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