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The Purpose of Gun Reporter

The purpose of Gun Reporter is to provide an ever expanding source of data that will help people choose the right handgun or long gun (shotgun, rifle, carbine) for their particular needs. Gun Reporter will also cover firearm accessories such as holsters, magazines, ammunition, belts, clothing, etc.

We shall also cover other lethal weapons such as knives and batons, less lethal weapons such as pepper spray, and personal defense, shooting and combatives training programs and schools. We shall also cover educational resources such as, books, DVDs, CDs, websites, and so forth.

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The gun or firearm reviews in Gun Reporter will generally follow the guidelines or structure given below. These guidelines are designed to serve as a general guide. They are not meant to be constraining. They are meant to help gun reporters maintain a good focus on their review/s.

1. If possible, post a photo or photos, or a link to photos, of your gun.

2. Mention why you acquired the gun.

3. Describe the configuration of your gun and it's caliber.

4. If you are comfortable doing so, mention how much you paid.

5. Did you buy it used or new?

6. When did you buy it? How long have you owned the gun?

7. Approximately how many total rounds have you put through the gun?

8. Range report: Gun performance. Ammunition brands and loads shot. Number of rounds at session. Accuracy. Group size at what distance with what ammo. Any malfunctions? If so, what types of stoppages and ease of reducing them.

9. Ease of gun take down and cleaning.

10. Your subjective evaluation: How much do you like the gun? Do you think you will keep it? Your comfort level with the gun?

11. Your evaluation of the gun workmanship and quality.

12. Your experience with the Manufacturer. Manufacturer helpfulness. Quality of the warranty and service.

13. How do you think you'll use the gun?

14. Would you recommend the gun?

15. Is this gun a good buy in your opinion?

16. Shootability, controllability and handling: How well does the gun shoot?

17. Trigger characteristics, performance and action (e.g., trigger weight, smoothness, take-up, creep, over-travel, reset, speed, controllability).

18. Perceived recoil and controllability for follow-up shots.

19. Reliability: How many malfunctions or stoppages and what type have you experienced with the gun? Would you trust this gun with your life?

20. Ease of concealment? Carry options?

21. Holster types and availability?

22. How well does the gun fit your hand size?

23. What features do you like and what features do you dislike?

24. Aesthetic appeal and beauty?

25. Your overall rating: (LOWEST) 1 star (*) 2 stars (**) 3 stars (***) 4 stars (****) 5 stars (*****) (BEST)



Handgun Type:




Rounds Capacity:



Safety mechanisms:


Barrel length:

Overall length:





Street prices


Handguns are available in a wide range of sizes and prices. The most common categories of modern handguns are double action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Semi-automatic pistols typically offer greater ammunition capacity than do revolvers. They are also faster to reload by most operators who know what they are doing.

Small frame revolvers are typically suitable for pocket carry. However, their ammunition or round capacity (i.e., firepower) is low (i.e., usually five rounds in the cylinder). The most common calibers of modern double action revolvers are the .38 Special and the powerful .357 Magnum. The most common more powerful revolver calibers are .44 special, .41 Magnum and .44 Magnum. Some common and less powerful revolver calibers include .32 Magnum, .22 Magnum and .22 LR.

Compact or mid-size semi-automatic pistols typically provide the best balance of size, ammunition capacity, and power in terms of ammunition caliber. Small pocket size pistols (sometimes called mouse guns) are easy to carry and conceal, but compared to sub-compact, compact and full size pistols, you give up ammunition capacity, ease of shooting and handling, and accuracy and range or distance at which you can make quick and accurate shots. Large framed, full sized semi-automatic pistols have the greatest ammunition capacity (i.e., firepower), but they are usually heavier and more taxing to carry and conceal.

Modern semi-automatic pistols come with different action types and in different calibers. Common actions types include: single action (e.g., 1911 style pistols such as those made by Colt, Kimber, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, Springfield Armory, as well as Springfield Armory XDs), double action only (e.g., Glocks, Kahrs, Smith and Wessons M&P series, Kel-tecs, North American Arms Guardians, and some Berettas, Sig Sauers, and Heckler & Kochs), and traditional double action/single action (e.g., many models made by Sig Sauer, Heckler & Koch, and Beretta)


Handguns are portable. They can be there when you need them wherever that may be. They are concealable. They are ideal for concealed carry. It is difficult to comfortably conceal a shotgun or rifle. Handguns are easier than long guns to handle in close quarters. They do not over penetrate as much as high powered rifles. Handguns can be used to fight to get to your long guns. They are also fun to shoot and can be used for target shooting, tactical training and competition. They are also great for home defense if chosen wisely.


Shotguns are fun to shoot. They make great home defense firearms and in selected cases, motor vehicle guns. They can be also used for sport and for hunting. Shotguns are devastatingly effective defensive firearms.


Depending on the type of rifle, rifles are the best go to firearms to have when the balloon goes up and things get really ugly. For example, multiple attackers, barricade situations, home defense, civil unrest, war, etc. Rifles can be fun to shoot depending on how they are configured and their caliber. They can make great home defense firearms and in selected cases motor vehicle guns. They can be also used for sport and for hunting. Properly maintained modern rifles have excellent accuracy and give their operator greater range of control over greater distances than do handguns and shotguns.

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