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The process of converting juicy grapes into delicious wine

The process of converting juicy grapes into delicious wine depends heavily on fermentation. After the grapes have been collected, crushed, and poured into large stainless steel containers, the winery can begin fermentation, which turns the juice into wine.

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Fermentation Ingredients

When making white wine, the central component is the juice of the crushed grape. For red wine, both the grape juice and skins constitute the main ingredients, giving the finished product more tannins and it's rich color. Next, the winery will add yeast and sugar to the juice. Just as yeast ferments other kinds of alcohol such as beer and hard liquor, it is also used to process the juice of grapes.

Fermentation Process

When yeast is added to the juice, high levels of glucose sugar are present. As the glucose sugar and yeast interact, the glucose gradually breaks down. This 10-step process is called glycolysis, which results in the creation of pyruvates and adenosine triphosphates. These sugars play a pivotal role in the development of the wine. The adenosine triphosphates, or ATP, allow the yeast to multiply. The pyruvates are then converted by the yeast into carbon dioxide and ethanol. Ethanol constitutes the alcoholic element in wine. Depending on the wine, fermentation lasts anywhere from two to four weeks.

Once fermentation is completed, the winery will extract the yeast component. In the case of red wine, the skins will be removed as well. Then, the wine is stored in other containers or barrels and left to age. The aging process may continue for a few months to a few years. From there, the wine is bottled, shipped, and ready to be enjoyed.

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