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This Week In A Fisherman's Life

I basically went all over the state of Colorado this week fishing. Here's a recap.

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Monday- Cache La Poudre River in Fort Collins

I met up with my buddy Jimmy who I worked in Alaska with last year for a fun day of fishing on the Poudre (poo-der. Pretty fun to say). The day started with a trip to Jax, which is an amazing store with a ton of outdoors stuff and a pretty nice fishing section. We bought some things, got a couple suggestions on what to throw on and headed out to try our luck.

Conditions on the Poudre we're sub-par to say the least. Flows we're super high (around 2000 cfs) and the water was brown. This seems to be the theme with all freestone streams and rivers in the state right now. Having never fished/seen this river, our general strategy was to find some slacker water and cast something big. Jimmy had the right idea when he found a bush in the middle of the river, which created an eddy behind it. Casting a woolly bugger and letting it sit behind the bush resulted in three fish on. I personally couldn't quite figure out the right patterns but managed to get a bite on a purple baetis nymph while drifting near the bank past a big rock. All in all, we hooked into four fish in a couple hours, which doesn't sound like much but considering the conditions and the fact that we had never seen the river before, we we're satisfied. I can only imagine what the fishing is like here on a good day.

Tuesday- Kriley Pond in Golden Gate Canyon State Park

I don't really know why I chose to go here. It costs $7 to park and the fishing is average. I went ice fishing here this winter and everything was fairly small. This time, I caught a handful of small rainbows- a couple on a prince nymph and a three or four on dries. Fishing in Ralston Creek above and below the ponds was practically pointless. Again, water was murky. They did, however, stock the ponds while I was there! It's sort of a cool park to go hike in and visit if you're into that. I would like to go to one of the ponds in the future called Dude's Hole that is further off the beaten path. The lot closest to it is closed until summer though.

Wednesday- South Platte River in DECKERS!!!

Potentially one of my best days of fishing ever! I went here a couple weeks ago and conditions we're bad, resulting in a skunk. I rolled the dice and made the hour and a half drive to try it again, which paid off. First, I must say that this area of Colorado is downright beautiful. The drive to Deckers takes you past some gorgeous wide valleys with the South Platte running through it. It makes me like living here.

I got to the river around 10:30 am after a quick stop into the local fly shop. My first hour on the water was discouraging with not even a bite on what the guy in the shop had suggested. Around noon, I took matters into my own hands and put on one of my go-to nymphs, the blue poison tung. I also found a great run of water just upstream from Lone Rock Campground. Here, I hooked 5of the biggest trout I have ever caught, losing three and landing two of the larger ones. Both took around 10 minutes to get in and required a long chase downstream. The rainbow I caught (top picture) barely fit in my net! If I had a camera worth a half a damn I would've taken a better picture, but I also didn't want to take the time getting a good one and risk hurting such a beauty. I had to take at least one pic though and I'm happy to say she swam off after.

The wind started to pick up around 2pm and I almost got hypothermia from standing in the river for so long with wet hands and sleeves. I decided to take a break, warm up, and try upstream by where the private fishing club's land starts. It was nice because no one was up there. I caught a couple of 12-15 inchers here on baetis nymphs and one smaller brown when I went way downstream where the river starts to narrow and speed up. Overall, I landed maybe 6 fish in 5 hours and had another 4 or 5 come off my hook. The takeaway though is that Deckers is pure gold, and so is the blue poison tung. I will be going back on Sunday.

Thursday- Georgetown Lake

Booooo. I'm not sure where all the fish went. This place was money a couple weeks ago! I went after work with my friend Leo and a couple of his friends. Luckily, we didn't get skunked and it was sunny out, but we did not do very well.

I caught two on a stonefly, which was my last idea after many failed ones. Leo did okay on hare's ears.

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